Negotiating public-health driven licences with patent holders and sublicensing to generic manufacturers and product developers is the core work of the Medicines Patent Pool.

Below is an overview of all our licensing and sublicensing agreements. For more information, click on the product, patent holder, generic partner or product developer you are interested in.

HIV Hepatitis C Tuberculosis

*Effective coverage = percentage of people living with the disease in all developing countries that can benefit from the licence.

The MPP monitors the performance of its sublicences in line with its Audit Policy.

In addition to these agreements, the MPP signed a licence with the University of Liverpool for the university’s Solid Drug Nanoparticle technology; it has also concluded a licence agreement for patents related to darunavir (DRV) with the US National Institutes of Health (but additional licences are needed to allow for generic manufacture); and it worked with Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Boehringer Ingelheim to extend their non-assert policies for paediatric darunavir formulations and nevirapine, ensuring that the two companies will not assert their patent rights in many more developing countries. The MPP also signed a licensing agreement with Pharco Pharmaceuticals on ravidasvir  and with Abbvie for glecaprevir/pibrentasvir, as well as an access price agreement with Roche on valganciclovir.


Further information: Update on progress of generic manufacturers – Products licensed – Key features of MPP licences

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