LAPaL – the long-acting therapeutics patents and licences database

The long-acting therapeutics patents and licences database LAPaL is a free online resource coordinated by the Medicines Patent Pool with support from Unitaid, that provides information on technical features and intellectual property status of selected long-acting therapeutics and their potential applications, in particular, in the fields of HIV, viral hepatitis, tuberculosis and malaria.

LAPaL builds on MPP’s ten-year experience in mapping patents on key health technologies through MedsPaL, the world’s leading tool on the patent status of essential medicines in low- and middle-income countries.

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Users should NOT consider LAPaL a complete and authoritative source of information. The patents landscape for each technology is not intended as a ‘freedom-to-operate’ analysis. LAPaL only provides a snapshot at a point in time, based on the information available to MPP. The technical information provided is based on publicly available information, should not be considered as exhaustive and may have lapsed.

All MedsPaL disclaimers apply to LAPaL patent information. In particular, we do not accept any legal responsibility for the accuracy of data. We do not guarantee it is complete, up to date or fit for specific purposes. Users should undertake additional country searches and legal analysis before making any procurement or business decision based on the patent landscape.

A full understanding of the patent situation in any country, for a specific technology or agent, requires additional information and analysis not provided in LAPaL. This includes an analysis of the specific claims of a national/regional patent application or granted patent. Users should also consider whether the country is a Least Developed Country (LDC) and may benefit from the transition period provided by the World Trade Organization TRIPS Agreement, or whether the country is making use of any of the other flexibilities available under national or international regulations.


We would like to acknowledge the support and technical assistance from the following organisations and groups:

We would also like to thank the innovators who have kindly contributed to the database and to the users providing their valuable feedback.

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02 March 2020
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