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MPP improves access to affordable and appropriate essential medicines in LMICs. It does this by addressing a key challenge in equitable access to treatment – the need for multiple sources of affordable, quality-assured medicines for use in developing countries.

Disease Experts View MPP’s Expert Advisory Group &Scientific Advisory Panel Civil Society & Patient Groups Help identify treatment needs Partners View our partners View our prioritisation work The World Health Organization works with MPP to prioritise medicines and forecast future uptake Patent holders agree to license their medicines to MPP View MPP’s licences MPP sublicenses rights to manufacture these treatments to generic pharmaceutical companies View the progress of MPP manufacturing partners in treatment development and supply View MPP’s key features Licensing terms encourage the sale of low-cost versions of essential medicines and treatments Licensing mechanism accelerate the development of better-adapted medicines: fixed-dose combinations and formulations for children View MPP’s paediatric work View MPP’s impact New treatments become available faster to the peoplewho need them most Generic competition brings prices down and more people gain access to treatments View MPP’s contribution to Universal Health Coverage licences signed 0 generic manufacturing partners working with MPP 0 products distributed in more than a 100 developing countries 0
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