MPP contributed to the third 100 Days Mission Annual Implementation Report that has just been released by the International Pandemic Preparedness Secretariat.

The report assesses international progress towards the 100 Days Mission – a pandemic preparedness initiative established in response to the impact of COVID-19, which aims to work with multisectoral partners to ensure the global availability of diagnostics, therapeutics, and vaccines within the first 100 days of a pandemic threat.

MPP’s contribution to the report was especially key with regards to the development of the therapeutics roadmap, based on MPP’s milestones and challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic and the lessons learned on how we could accelerate equitable access even more. One of the proposed 2024 actions in the 100 DM report calls for “MPP’s pandemic strategy to be supported by the G7, G20 and a broad coalition of companies to standardise the approach to voluntary licence usage during a pandemic” – Source: Annex A, page 92

“The 100 Days Mission is not just about rapidly developing effective medical countermeasures, but it is also about access and equity.  This means ensuring that effective therapies become available, from quality-assured sources, at affordable prices and in sufficient volumes to meet demand for the duration of the pandemic and beyond. Voluntary licensing and technology transfer have proven to be effective mechanisms to deliver medical countermeasures to those who need them most in low- and middle-income countries. At the Medicines Patent Pool, we are delighted to have contributed to the development of the Therapeutics Roadmap, based on our experience during COVID-19 and the lessons learned on how we can accelerate equitable access even more. We are equally delighted to be working with partners to accelerate access to future pandemic products through the mRNA Technology Transfer Programme to ensure widely distributed vaccine manufacturing capacity.”

Charles Gore, Executive Director of the Medicines Patent Pool

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