Journée mondiale du sida 2023

Embracing the theme ‘Let communities lead’ on World AIDS Day 2023, the Medicines Patent Pool amplifies the resilient voices of individuals in India, Kenya, Senegal, and South Africa—testimonies of courage, resilience, and the profound impact of community-led initiatives in the HIV response. As we delve into the heart of these communities, we unveil narratives of triumph over sickness, battles for treatment, encounters with stigma, and the invaluable strength derived from mutual support.

Through our commitment to voluntary licensing, we’ve empowered over 130 low- and middle-income countries with quality, affordable HIV treatments. Today, millions of lives are touched by the efficacy of generic medicines, a testament to the strength of collaboration and the enduring bond with the communities we serve. In the spirit of gratitude, we celebrate our partners and express heartfelt appreciation to the communities that stand with us, marking each step toward a healthier, more inclusive future.

Discover their stories…


Josefine from Kibera, Kenya

Our first story ‘God’s Mercy’ is from Josefine. Meet Josefine, who shares how life with HIV has been for her over the last 20 years since her diagnosis.

“I have HIV, I can manage it, I can do my work, I can raise my kids. […] So it’s a challenge, but not very big like before. […] Nowadays people are educated and they know, this is just HIV and you can manage to live with it.”


Hari Singh from New Delhi, India 

Meet Hari, as he takes us to the streets of Delhi, where he links the Opioid Substitution Therapy (O.S.T.) clinics with people who need it, sometimes as they get arrested by the police, and offer HIV counselling to the whole community taking a holistic approach to access to testing and treatment for people who inject drugs.

“I think near about the last eight years we are here, the crime has definitely reduced. […] Some people are completely recovered from this direction. They are completely recovered and they are thankful to us.”

South Africa & Senegal Stories Coming Soon…

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