Since the outbreak of the conflict, the Medicines Patent Pool has been deeply concerned by the continuity of healthcare services and treatment delivery in Ukraine, especially for people needing essential medicines. We are working with our partners on the ground to ensure essential medicines supplied through our licensees remain accessible to all.

Ukraine has the second largest HIV epidemic in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. And nearly 1.5 million people in the country are living with hepatitis C. How do you get affordable quality medicines to these people in need?

In January 2020, the Medicines Patent Pool team along with Charles Gore, our Executive Director, travelled to Ukraine. Since 2017, Ukraine has benefitted from MPP’s work in expanding access to quality affordable treatments. Since then, the country has managed to triple the number of people living with HIV who have access to antiretroviral treatment and are now running successful hepatitis treatment centres offering quality direct-acting antivirals for hepatitis C. Access to these life-saving innovations would not have been possible without a range of different partners actively engaged in ensuring people’s needs are met. This section brings out the diverse voices – from Civil Society, NGOs, communities, the Ministry of Health, and International Organisations, that we met with and discussed the journey, looking at the progress so far and charting out the next steps.

We recorded a series of fascinating interviews that we will share on this page. Through this online channel, we aim to bring to you the different views from our partners in Ukraine but also from the regional and international level in the form of a series of videos. Stay tuned as the page grows and we hope you will enjoy and learn from these experts with diverse experiences all working to a common goal – increasing access to quality affordable treatments for those in need.

Click the map to see MPP’s work in licensing and supplying essential medicines in Ukraine:

A case study: Making HIV and viral hepatitis treatments accessible

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