The Medicines Patent Pool remains committed to engage with people at the country level so that through collaboration our work meets the needs of people.

We are pleased to share with you our  site visit, where we bring you the Kenyan perspective. Kenya has benefited from MPP’s work since the onset and the country is included in all MPP’s licences[1]. Here you will hear the Kenyan perspective on access to medicines with a focus on challenges and opportunities regarding quality, affordability, availability, equity, transparency, the role of generics and opportunities for local production.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, we were not able to go to Kenya physically but, through our partner on the ground NEPHAK, we are recording a series of interviews that we aim to share on this page. Through this online channel, you’ll hear from partners working very hard to support access to essential medicines in Kenya, and from beneficiaries for whom this has made a huge difference. More videos will be added as they are being put together so stay tuned for more!

Click to see MPP’s work in licensing and supplying essential medicines in Kenya:

Better HIV treatment options for children: Jerop’s story

Access to paediatric HIV drug formulations: Nancy’s perspective


Read our stories from Kenya

[1] Kenya non inclusion in the licence for ravidasvir is complemented by inclusion in the Presidio/DNDi licence. Go to MedsPaL for more information.

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