International Goals

Expand treatment to reach 30 million people living with HIV by 2025. End AIDS by 2030.

MPP’s Contribution

Accelerating access to generic versions of key antiretrovirals and encouraging the development of better-adapted HIV formulations.

There are 37,9 million people living with HIV worldwide, but only 24,5 million currently receive antiretroviral therapy. HIV paediatric care is improving, but still only one in two children living with the virus has access to treatment.[1]

Affordable, effective HIV medicines are imperative, especially for those living in low- and middle-income countries where HIV is most prevalent. Medicines must also be available in the right formulations. Fixed-dose combinations increase adherence. Special treatments for children, appropriate for different ages and weights, improve care.

Since 2010, we have worked with leading HIV manufacturers, governments, international organisations and civil society to improve access to World Health Organization (WHO)-priority and new medicines for people living with HIV in developing countries.


[1] UNAIDS: Global HIV & AIDS statistics — 2019 fact sheet (last accessed on 3 Dec. 2019)

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