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The Medicines Patent Pool (MPP) is a United Nations-backed public health organisation working to increase access to, and facilitate the development of, life-saving medicines for low- and middle-income countries.


The Medicines Patents & Licences Database
The MPP’s patents and licences database, MedsPaL, is a resource that provides information on the intellectual property status of selected HIV, hepatitis C, tuberculosis and other patented essential medicines in low- and middle-income countries.


All MPP licences are publicly available in their entirety on our website. This is unprecedented in the pharmaceutical field.

MPP in Numbers

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9 patent holders with MPP signed agreements
26 million patient-years through MPP’s generic partners from January 2012 to June 2019
23 generic manufacturers and product developers sublicensed from the MPP
18 products licensed to the MPP
150+ ongoing pharmaceutical development projects
87% to 91%
87% to 91% of people living with HIV in developing countries covered by the MPP adult licences
92 to 131
92 to 131 countries covered by MPP adults licences
1.23 billion dollars saved, from January 2012 to June 2019

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“With the help of partners like the MPP, the Global Fund has accelerated access to key new products in the countries it supports, putting 18.9 million people on antiretroviral therapy for HIV in 2018, and providing more than 83% of HIV-positive mothers with...”

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