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Our stories highlight the impact of our work on people’s lives and how access to affordable quality treatment brings hope and a future. Our work is for people, and in all that we do, we keep the needs of the end user in mind. Through this section, we share the voices of our partners on our joint mission to make sure no one is left behind.

UKRAINE: A case study

Making HIV and viral hepatitis treatments accessible

Ukraine has the second largest HIV epidemic in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. And nearly 1.5 million people in the country are living with hepatitis C.

How do you get affordable quality medicines to these people in need?

This January, MPP visited Ukraine to engage with partners – from patients to medical experts, from originators to generic manufacturers, from civil society to the WHO and many more. Unleashing the power of partnership, MPP’s licences have led to the supply of over 20,000 courses of hepatitis C treatments and 1.5 million packs of DTG and combination products for HIV treatment in Ukraine.


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