The MPP published a Progress and Achievements Report today outlining key activities and milestones of its first five years.  Founded by UNITAID in July 2010 the organisation has made significant progress, signing voluntary licences on12 priority antiretrovirals (ARVs) with six patent holders. Its generic partners have supplied more than six million patient-years of WHO-recommended ARVs in 117 countries, including 41 countries that were previously unable to benefit from generic competition for such medicines.

The organisation’s licences have saved the international community USD 79 million through lower prices of ARVs, equivalent to one-year of treatment for 625,000 people. In the coming years, it is expected to generate total savings of between USD 1.18 and 1.4 billion. New fixed-dose combinations and paediatric formulations that will enable more people living with HIV to access improved formulations with better safety and efficacy profiles or more convenient dosing schedules are also under development.

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