In August 2023, under the auspices of WHO’s COVID-19 Technology Access Pool (C-TAP), the Medicines Patent Pool signed a worldwide licence with Medigen Vaccine Biologics Corp for its vaccine MVC-COV1901 against COVID-19 that obtained Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA) in Taipei in July 2021. At the date of signing, more than three million doses of the vaccine had already been distributed and administered in seven countries under the EUA.

MPP invites interested developers anywhere in the world to express their interest in obtaining a sublicence for this technology by submitting an e-mail to  providing as much detail as possible as to what the developer intends to do with a sublicence.

Key Features
Aim of the Licence To facilitate the manufacture and commercialisation of Covid-19 vaccine around the world.
 Products Any product that is covered by the patent rights, material, and know-how from Medigen.
Know‐how Medigen to provide all necessary know-how and materials to the licensees, specified in the license.
Field of use COVID-19 vaccine.
Territory Worldwide.
Scope of the grant Non-exclusive right to grant sublicences to develop the patent rights, material, and know-how into Products, and to commercialise Products.
Royalties Royalty rates apply on the net sales of the Products where there is a patent right granted and in force in the country of manufacture or sale as follows:

  • a royalty of 0.5% for low-income economies;
  • a royalty of 1% for lower-middle income economies;
  • a royalty of 3% for upper middle-income economies; and
  • a royalty of 5% for high-income economies.
Fees Technology fees apply to sublicensees, which includes one-time fees for entering into the sublicence; the licensed technology; basic support and training; the preparation of materials; the first launch of the Product; and also a running technology fee.
Term Continuing until the later of (i) the date the last patent right has lapsed, expired, or been invalidated or (ii) the expiry date of the last to expire sublicence agreement entered into pursuant to proposed licence.
Country List